If you are on the lookout for meeting room AV solutions, it is great to know there are companies out there that specialize in these results. You can turn to these companies and get your meeting room set up to meet your specific needs. Here at ClarionAV, we are one of those companies who can help with both residential and commercial AV needs. If you want help getting solutions for your meeting room, give us a call. We can help with each step of the process from picking out the perfect equipment to installing it and getting it set up for your next big meeting.

What Meeting Room AV Solutions Are There?

When you begin looking into the different meeting room AV solutions, you will likely be surprised. Either you will find very few options, or you will get overwhelmed by them. Having an experienced AV company to help guide you through the choosing process can make it much easier. That is what we can do here at ClarionAV. We can show you that there is a wide array of options, without you feeling as though you are overwhelmed. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Having a screen that came down when you needed it, but stored itself in the ceiling would be helpful if you frequently did presentations. You could set it up so that it worked with either a projector or a computer. We can also wire the room so that the projector is easily controlled by a remote, or so that you can plug in your computer and start the presentation.

Lighting is a very important component for meeting rooms. If you do regular presentations, then you want to be able to dim the lights so that your screen is the focal point of the room. We can help wire the room so that you can adjust the lights with a simple movement of the switch.

Sound is another component you need to consider when fitting a meeting room. If you want people to be able to hear your presentation, a conference call, or a video, then having a surround sound system is vital. This can be wired up temporarily around a room if you do not need it often, but this looks unprofessional. Instead, you can have the room wired for speakers so when the need arises, you are ready to go.

Would Meetings Be Easier with Automated Services?

There are many instances where an automated meeting room would be the best solution of all. Imagine being able to control everything that went on in your meeting room from your laptop or a tablet. Would that make meetings easier? You could dim the lights with a swipe. Then, you could push play on your presentation after dropping the screen from the ceiling. You can adjust the volume of anything you need others to hear, or even connect the entire room to a conference call with someone across town, or on the other side of the world. If you had one automated room, you could make all meetings you held easier and less stressful.

Nearly everything in your meeting room can be automated, which is one of the biggest benefits of getting professional meeting room AV solutions. Trying to do it all on your own is not only going to waste your time, but it could also waste your money. If you do it wrong, you will have to pay for someone to come in and do it all over again. By letting us help with your meeting room AV solutions, you can avoid this problem. This lets us help you and lets you focus on your business.

Meeting Room AV Solutions When You Need It Quiet

Soundproofing is one of the more overlooked meeting room AV solutions available out there. However, it can make conversations, among other things, quite a bit easier. Consider an office where some of the meetings involve playing music or movie trailers. In these cases, having a soundproofed room would be ideal. It would not only make the meeting easier, but it would also help it go more smoothly since it would not disturb those around the meeting room.

There are many ways of soundproofing a room to make meetings easier. You can have slight soundproofing to keep it quieter within the meeting room, and nearby. If you often have conference calls, this is a great solution to make it easier to hear and speak. You can also have heavy-duty installed in your meeting room. This makes it silent, both inside and outside the meeting room, outside of the people involved in the meeting. If you need to listen to music demos, speak about sensitive or secret concepts, or listen to advertising slogans, this would be a great asset to have for your meeting room.

ClarionAV Helps Provide Meeting Room AV Solutions

Here at ClarionAV, we can help provide you with a wide array of meeting room AV solutions. Tell us what you hope to have in your meeting room, and let our experienced staff make recommendations about how to make those things happen. We can help no matter what size business you are, or what size budget you have. If you want to have a specialized meeting room that shows that you mean business, call us. We can provide you with a wide range of options for you to choose from.

If you want a custom meeting room set up with a combination of different solutions, we can do that as well. Perhaps what you need is a soundproofed meeting room with a drop-down screen, projector, and surround sound. This is something we can easily set up. We can set it up so when you turn on the projector, the lights automatically dim. This helps your audience know that it is time to pay attention. Then, they can watch your presentation, hear each voice and sound through the surround sound system, and become engrossed in what you are showing them. We can do it all. Call us today!

Set up your meeting room to meet all of your needs from a single location. Reach out to us here at ClarionAV, by calling (972)861-2802, and let us provide your meeting room AV solutions.