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There are home theater rooms and then there are media rooms. Some people opt for media rooms instead because they offer more flexibility. Unlike home theater rooms which are designed to replicate a movie theater experience, media rooms are more social in nature. Media room installation doesn’t need to be scary or costly, in fact, depending on your preferences it is likely quite affordable.

There is usually a good size television and audio equipment, but the room is not set up like a theater. Couches and chairs make up the room so that it is more of a social setting. You may invite people to your “media room” to watch the big game, but people are also sitting around talking and kids may be playing as well. You won’t hear people tell you to be quiet because the movie is on! A media room allows more flexibility than a home theater room. It really just depends on what you’re going for in your home.

Media Room Installation Necessities

You obviously need space to have a media room. If your home allows, a rectangular space is preferred over a square. This is because a square room is not as audio-friendly as a rectangular room.

When it comes to media room installation and flooring, materials like tile and hardwood are not preferred because sound bounces off of them. Instead, opt for surfaces that can absorb sound like carpet.

Another thing to consider is the lighting factor. Dark rooms are often preferred. That’s why so many people have their media rooms in the basement. If you’re trying to watch a movie in the afternoon in a room that isn’t dark, the natural sunlight will make it a less than enjoyable experience.

Natural light can be controlled by window treatments such as room-darkening shades and curtains. There are also some lighting control systems that are available that will tie into a home automation system for energy savings as well as remote operation.

Choosing the Right Equipment for your Media Room Installation

Choosing the right television is also important. There are typically three main types of videos, LCD, LED, and plasma. Depending on what you are looking for, LCDs and LEDs are brighter which makes them ideal for a room with more natural light.

Plasma displays won’t be so bright. They provide high contrast. They also generally have better viewing angles which can give you greater flexibility for rooms if you have wider seats.

The latest in display technology can be found in OLED, promises to be thinner, brighter and more energy efficient. You want to make sure you position your seating area at the right distance from the screen for optimal viewing.

In order to have a true media room, you need to have the best audio equipment as well. You can either choose a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system which means there are either five or seven speakers plus a subwoofer.

No matter which speaker system you choose you need to hire the wires. If you have the option, you’ll want to wire the sound system before you put up the drywall in the room. That’s why it’s vital to have a professional company install your media room. Clarion AV can help you with the wiring as well as choosing a receiver that will power your speakers and handle switching between various media sources such as a Blu-ray player or any other type of equipment you may have.

Other Media Room Installation Tips

Another option when it comes to speakers is to install in-wall and ceiling speakers. These are great alternatives if you can’t hide wiring or don’t want to add freestanding or bookshelf speakers. Many homeowners are also opting for wireless speakers or sound from a soundbar. This looks better than having lots of wires hanging out from anywhere.

Entertainment cabinets are also another part of media room installation. You’ll want to house all of your equipment in a cabinet that suits your room. This adds the finishing touch to make all of your equipment look good in the room.

Don’t forget the seats. While home theater systems often have theater seating, there’s more flexibility in media rooms. Many people opt for comfortable couches and chairs that are social setting friendly. That’s why so many people choose media rooms because, besides the home theater equipment, media rooms also provide a great place to entertain.

At Clarion AV we have a team of expert installers who can help you decide which equipment set-up is best for your media room installation.

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